isneq=ne(f, g) is called for the syntax 'f ~= g' and compares matrices of NCpolys f and g elementwis. It returns a matrix of the same size with entries set to logical 1 where the polynomials are not equal and entries set to 0 where they are equal. Matrices f and g must have the same dimensions unless one is a 1x1 matrix. A scalar can be compared with any size array.


f and g are NCpolys representing polynomials or matrices of NCpolys with matching dimensions.


matrix with elements equal to logical true (1) or false (0)

possible usage:

f ~= g, ne(f, g)


>> [x*x-x*y-y*x+y*y,x+1]~=[(x-y)^2,y+1]

ans = 0     1